Sharks are hideous creatures

Hide under the coral reef

Always swimming like a rocket

Rarely been found

Killing dangerous animals in the deep

Scary predators of the ocean

by DH



Koalas aren’t bears

Out and about in the trees

All the time they eat leaves

Like trees a lot

All koalas have fur

Stays up a tree sleeping

by KF


Koalas are cute and fluffy

Often found in a tree eating eucalyptus

Always drinking water

Loves to sleep in trees

A koala is not a bear

by EM


Kookaburras are colourful birds

Ooh dazzling colours

Often singing in the morning

Kookaburras are koo koo

And wake you up early

But their laugh is horrifying

Up the trees you will find them

Ready when you need them

Really pretty bird

Always squawking away

by JC


Chorusing in the trees

On the branches high above Koalas are my neighbours

Crowned with golden feathers

Kookaburras are my cousins

A clever bird I am

Tall and noisy

Often found hopping about

Often eat a tasty nut

by MC



Swimming everywhere fast and fierce

Hunting for fish

Always swimming with their scaly skin

Razor shape deadly teeth

Killing crunching animals

Strong dangerous animals

by DH


Koalas like to sleep in the day

On the trees koalas are protected

A koala is very smelly

Likes to eat eucalyptus leaves

A koala is not a bear

by DM


Crunching creatures

Razor sharp teeth


Catching fish like MAD

On the lookout WATCH OUT

Dangerously hideous

Interesting animals

Lazy in the deep

Eating all the time

Scary animals of the ocean

by SJ


Kangaroos are cuddly

And very high jumpers

Nice and friendly

Gentle soft creatures

As orange as the sun

Really fast jumpers

Outside in Australia

Over the hills they go

Sleeping little Joey in its mum’s pouch

by KR



Koalas are cute and cuddly

Often asleep

A cute Australian animal

Loves to eat eucalyptus leaves

Always up a tree for protection

by IG


Koalas are cute but smelly though

Only found in trees eating leaves

Animals like koalas protected from thieves

Likes to be all safe and sound

Australia is where they are only found

Sleeping up high above the ground

by EB



Spiders are venomous

Protected spiders can be poisonous

In webs to creep and crawl

Deadly creatures

Easy to find you

Right to be silent

Strong legs

by JK


Koalas are fluffy

Often they are in trees

Always eat greens

Lazy koalas always sleeping in a tree

All koalas are cute

by JP


Koalas are super and fluffy

Often up high in the trees

All of them love to eat leaves

Like trees a lot

A very sleepy animal

Super smelly

by MB



Wombats are cute and fluffy

Often found in trees

Marsupials are native to Australia

Big and fluffy

Always sleeping

The wombat is Australia’s endangered creature

by JB



Scary creatures of the sea

Hundreds of them in the ocean

All sharks have razor sharp teeth

Racing through the wide open sea

Kings of the ocean

by CH



Kookaburras are fast

Often found in trees

On trees most kookaburras sit

King flyers in the air

All see the bird as it calls

Back to the tree quite tall

Up the tree singing beautiful bird

Right bird who is helpful

Really nice bird who likes flying

Away to trees

Squawking all day

by AK



Koalas are cute

Often climbing up above

All the time they eat plants

Like trees allot

Always eat green things

Super stinky

by KH



Spins venomous webs

Predator to animals

Instinct creatures

Deadly fangs

Eats insects

Razor teeth

Spiders are everywhere

by AD


Shark eat fish with razor teeth

Help me the shark is catching me

All the sharks are hunting

Really scary

King of the ocean

by RC



Koalas are not bears

Often found in trees

Always protected

Likes climbing

All koalas are fluffy

Super smelly

by TB



Kookaburras flying in Australia

Over the land they go

Often there when you need them

Kookaburras found in trees

Always hunting for food

Because we like Kookaburras they will like us

Up the trees they will be seen

Really loud squawking

Ready to fly away

Away they go

Soon they will come back

by TP



Crocodiles are dangerous

Really scary

Often they eat meat

Crocodiles live in Australia

On the water

Deadly animals

Interesting animals

Long and strong

Exciting crocodile

by MK



Jumping up on you when you don’t know it

Enough of its tentacles sting at the same time

Living on the coast

Look out they sting

You will get killed if you touch one

Filthy long animals

It is a venomous species

Slippery slimy masters

Hunting for things to eat

by LLH


Wombats like to dig

Only found in Australia

Many Wombats are nosy

Burrows are where Wombats live

Always strong animals

They are marsupials

Sometimes angry