Below is a list of coding apps you can download from the Apple App Store.

Coding apps for the iPad
 beebot Name: Bee-Bot

Price: Free

Description: The Bee-Bot App from TTS Group has been developed based on our well-loved, award winning Bee-Bot floor robot. The app makes use of Bee-Bot’s keypad functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns.

 hopscotch Name: Hopscotch

Price: Free

Description: Hopscotch is an award-winning coding tool for kids ages 9-13. Learn with tutorials, and build anything you can imagine! Then publish your game for other kids to play.

 movetheturtle Name: Move the Turtle

Price: £3.99

Description: Move The Turtle is an educational application for iPhone and iPad that teaches children the basics of creating computer programs, using intuitive graphic commands.

 alex Name: A.L.E.X

Price: Free

Description: A.L.E.X is a fun puzzle game and a great way to train your brain. A.L.E.X helps you think and plan logically as you program your robot A.L.E.X with a sequence of commands to get through each level from start to finish.

 cargo-bot Name: Cargo-Bot

Price: Free

Description: The puzzle game that challenges your brain and helps you learn programming concepts.

 pureflow Name: PureFlow

Price: Free

Description: PureFlow is a simple app for creating flowcharts. The interface of the app is designed specifically for editing flowcharts, which makes it possible to create fancy looking diagrams in a very short time.

 botio Name: Botio

Price: Free

Description: Can you help BOT to explore the galaxy and discover new planets by programming it?

Allwch chi helpu BOT i chwilota’r gofod am blanedau newydd drwy ei raglennu?