Eco-Committee 2018/19
Roles and Responsibilities Written and Agreed by the Eco Committee

We were chosen because we care for our environment and want our school to be eco-friendly. We meet every fortnight to discuss any issues and carry out any eco projects that are ongoing. In the autumn term, we complete an Environmental Review and then we draw up an Action Plan to keep track of projects for the rest of the year. This helps us to focus on areas in the school which could be even more eco-friendly. We sometimes send out eco letters to our community to give information on the projects we have ongoing in school and to remind people how to be eco-friendly.
Our responsibilities are: –
• To ensure that the whole school knows about the Eco-Schools programme;
• To empty and monitor the paper recycling bins weekly;
• To judge the most eco-friendly class each week and present them with the Feather Duster Award;
• To turn off lights when not in use;
• To write an eco-code for our school and refer to it throughout the year;
• To help to write action plans and participate in eco projects.

Platinum Eco Code


Plastics and paper we recycle them all

Everyone working together we’re on the ball

Never dropping litter is our aim

Yes dropping litter is such a shame

Fruit and vegetables we try to eat

Recycle, reuse keeping our world nice and neat

Off with the taps and lights

Excellent eco committee always in sight

Caring for our school we all have to do

Our eco code needs to be followed by you!


Thank you for following the Eco code!

Diolch yn fawr!

Eco- Committee 2016/2017