Criw Cymraeg 2018/19
Roles and Responsibilities Written and Agreed by Criw Cymraeg Members.

Dyma Criw Cymraeg. We are a group of children from Year 2 to Year 6. We have been chosen because we are enthusiastic about promoting Welsh in our school. We like helping other children to understand and use Welsh inside and outside each day! We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday lunch time where we discuss progress and share our new ideas. We also have a special friend called Doris y Ddraig, Doris helps encourage the children in our school to gain special tocynnau iaith (language tickets) each week. It’s so exciting to find out who has the most tickets and who will win. The winning class gets the honour of having Doris with them for a whole week.

Criw Cymraeg responsibilities:-
• To speak to our friends in Welsh;
• To encourage others to speak Welsh in our classrooms and outside on the playground;
• To nominate children for Cymraeg Cwl certificates;
• To give out tocynnau iaith for excellent effort in speaking Welsh;
• To meet regularly to discuss progress and share new ideas.


At Pen-y-fro we also have a well-established ‘Clwb Cymraeg’ who meet on a regular basis to take part in in a range of bilingual activities including games, art, craft, music and dance.