Croseso i Ddosbarth Ants

In Year 2 our topic during the Spring Term is ‘Magical Kingdom’. We will be developing our literacy and communication skills through a range of fairy tales. Was Jack right to steal the Giant’s gold? Can you persuade Little Red Riding Hood to stay out of the woods? Would you rather meet a wicked witch or a Giant? 

The children will be developing their investigative skills by investigating and researching plants and living things in their environments. Can we grow our own beanstalks? What are the best conditions to grow a plant? We will be planting seeds to find out!

In Maths we will be learning some new facts and skills, in particular we will be practising our 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x multiplication tables. We will also develop our understanding of fractions and time through games and activities.

We will use our creative skills to recreate Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers and art inspired by Wassily Kandinsky and we will experiment with different shapes, colours and textures. We are looking forward to using different techniques and materials!

In Welsh we are looking forward to performing Welsh poetry for St David’s Day and persuading our friends that ‘Wales is epic’

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Dinner Money to be processed online.


Please wear suitable clothing and footwear to take part in PE.


Home School Books, Kaleidoscope Books, Reading Books and Reading Records are to be returned today.


Home School Books, Kaleidoscope Books, Reading Books and Reading Records are sent home today.

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