Welcome to Year 1 – Croeso i Blwyddyn 1

Spring Term in The Silkworms class is very exciting indeed! We will be travelling the world on a Magical, Mystery Tour!! We will be learning all about France, China, Wales and Egypt. Throughout our ‘visit’ to each country we will be discovering art, music, different languages and a variety of other skills too.

France: We will be painting in the style of Monet; listening to music composed by French composers; trying to recreate the Eiffel Tower in various construction materials, learning simple phrases in French and even attempting to write using Braille!

China: Our two week tour of China will coincide with Chinese New Year and we will be discovering how this festival is celebrated – including some food tasting!; we will learn how the Chinese Zodiac gained the animal names of the year and we will spend time describing and writing about our favourite ones; we will attempt to do some Chinese writing and even some maths using Chinese numbers!

Wales: We will spend time preparing to celebrate our national festival of Saint David’s Day with songs and even a Welsh Folk Dance to be unveiled in our school Eisteddfod!; our daily Welsh ‘Slot Ddrilio’ will go into overdrive during this period!; we will design Welsh love spoons and Welsh rugby shirts to celebrate all things Welsh!

Egypt: This country is always very exciting to ‘visit’ as it culminates in a visit to The Egypt Museum where the children will experience a little of what life in Ancient Egypt was actually like – including mummifying ‘Bob’ the long suffering doll!! Again, some language will be attempted; we will ‘write’ our names in hieroglyphics on a cartouche; we will recreate The Great Pyramid in various construction materials; we will learn all about Tutankhamen and draw his death mask.

Throughout all the above wonderful experiences for the children, we will continue to develop their reading and writing through these topics and the maths fits in nicely with 3D shapes and addition and subtraction using our ‘visits’ as a catalyst.

Phonics Booklet for Parents

What’s On?

Dinner Money to be processed online. Spelling test (Fortnightly)

Home School Books, Kaleidoscope Books, Reading Books and Reading Records are to be returned today


Suitable sportswear and trainers must be worn to school to take part in PE.

Spelling Test. Home School Books, Kaleidoscope Books, Reading Books and Reading Records are sent home today.

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