By Law, all children of compulsory school age (5 to 16) must receive a suitable fulltime education. For most parents, this means registering their children at a school – though some choose to make other arrangements to provide a suitable, fulltime education.

Once your child is registered at a school, you are legally responsible for making sure they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk being prosecuted.


Your Child’s Attendance Guidance
100% Outstanding. Full Attendance.
Excellent – 95-99% Optimum chance to achieve well. Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity.
Good – 90-94% Good, but room for improvement
85-89% Cause for concern. Your child is at risk of underachieving.
Unsatisfactory – 80-84% Cause for concern. Your child may need extra support from you to catch up with work.
Below 80% Your child may be missing out on a broad and balanced education.

For every day that your child is absent they will miss out on 5 hours of valuable learning time!

Attendance Information

Attendance Information

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