School Timetable

Children are asked to be on the school premises no earlier that 8.50a.m. and no later that 8.55a.m.  We impress upon children the importance of punctuality and ask parents to support us be ensuring that their child is in school at an appropriate time; your child’s leaning is disrupted if they are late, other children’s learning is disrupted by latecomers disturbing the class. The governing body has set an attendance target of 92% and there is an automatic referal from the attendance system to the Education Welfare Officer Should attendance drop below 90%.

Stage Morning Afternoon
Nursery 8.50am- 11.30am 12.55- 3.20pm
Foundation Phase 8.50am- 11.55pm 12.55pm- 3.20pm
Juniors 8.50am- 11.55pm 12.55pm- 3.20pm

The total teaching hours per week, including religious education but excluding the statutory daily act of collective workshop, registration and breaks is 23 hours 30 minutes.

Attendance Information
Gwybodaeth Presenoldeb
If your child is due to attend a medical, doctor, dental or optical appointment please let us know in advance either by
sending the appointment card or a written note to school. This will be recorded in the register as an unauthorised absence. Children soon get behind in their work if they miss even odd days from school, so please do not keep them away unless they are unwell or in a family crisis. If your child is absent due to ill health, we ask that you contact the school (by telephone if possible) on the first day of illness. This way, we can be sure that your child has not been
involved in an accident on the way to school. At the same time you can give us indication of approximately how long your child will be away from school, and let us know if you require homework for your child if he/she is well enough to do it. If your child must take prescribed medicines in school, we require you to complete a form, ‘Request for the administration of prescribed medicine in school.’ (Appendix), available from the School Secretary. We will not administer any medicines without the authorisation of this form. This is for safety reasons and in your child’s interest. If circumstances relating to your child’s health alter at any time, please let us know in writing, in order for us to amend our records.

Education Welfare Officers are employed by the Education Authority to act as liaison between parents and school. They are much more than attendance officers of the past and are now more like social workers attached to the
education service. However, one of their tasks remains the enforcement of rules concerning school attendance. The Welfare Officer can also help with information concerning free school meals and any other matters affecting your
child’s welfare. Please see Appendix for the latest information available regarding attendance. Due to new Welsh Government guidance no family holidays can be authorised in term time.