Our Vision |Ein Gweledigaeth
Craigfelen Primary School is:
• A caring school where all children are happy and well motivated.
They will be challenged and achieve high standards through a
fun and enriched curriculum.
• A school where all members of the school community have equal
access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning

Our school vision is well summarised by our pupils new learning motto:

‘Learning together and having fun, there’s room here for everyone!’
‘Pawb yn dysgu gyda’i gilydd ac yn cael hwyl’

This builds on Craigfelen’s traditional Welsh motto:
‘Cadarn Pob Cyfiawn’ ‘The Righteous are Strong’
The motto ‘Cadarn Pob Cyfiawn’ or as the children prefer to say

‘Doing good makes us strong’

whilst steeped in tradition, underpins the schools vision and is itself reflected in the
main school rule, one which every child knows:
Treat others as you would like to be treated’

About us |Amdanon Ni
At Craigfelen Primary School we aim to provide a stimulating
and secure environment where:
• all individuals are valued;
• individuals needs are met;
• everyone achieves their full potential;
• co-operation and friendliness are encouraged;
• effort and achievement are recognised and celebrated;
• similarities and differences are welcomed;
• moral and spiritual issues are explored;
• learning is enjoyable and challenging.
Practical activities, which encourage enquiry, are central to the curriculum.

We aim to provide a well-resourced, broad, balanced and differentiated
curriculum, relevant to the needs of each child, so that children can learn:
• from mistakes in an atmosphere of trust and learn from them;
• how to make informed choices
• to plan and evaluate their own work;
• to respect and care for themselves, for others and for the environment;
and can become:
• literate and numerate;
• effective speakers and listeners;
• active, independent and autonomous learners;
• creative, independent and questioning;
• caring and responsible members of the school community;
• physically active and able to develop a healthy lifestyle;
• motivated by an exciting and relevant curriculum.