Football Club

Football club takes place on Thursdays from 3.20pm until 4.20pm with Mr Taylor.  We regularly enter festivals and play matches.  We have both boys and girls teams.

Our school is affiliated to the Swansea Schools F.A. who are responsible for all schools football in and across the City and County of Swansea. The Association co-ordinates several different football festivals throughout the year, in which we take part. The festivals are designed to provide football for all children, no matter what their level of ability is.
The Association offers the following Festivals:
Yr. 5 & 6 Pre-season Festival:
This festival allows schools the opportunity to take part in several fixtures all at the same venue and allows the children to get used to the rules and pitches before the Inter-School Festivals begin – a great way to play friendlies without the hassle of contacting other schools individually.
Yr. 5 & 6 Festivals:
These festivals are split between large schools and small schools. Schools can agree to play one or two rounds of fixtures during an afternoon before Christmas. There is also a festival after Christmas in which all schools are mixed together irrelevant of size.
Yr. 5 & 6 Girls Festivals:
These festivals are specifically for girls and are held inside (5 a-side) and outside (8 a-side). The Indoor festivals are played at PitchSide in Cwndu. The outdoor festival is also split into large schools and small schools.
Yr. 5 & 6 Trophy Festival:
This festival is for children that enjoy football but who don’t always have the opportunities to play outside school, ethnic minorities and minority cultural groups. The festivals do not exclude any footballer from taking part but are aimed at children who do not play in the other festivals provided by the Association.
Yr. 3 & 4 Festival:
These festivals are for the up and coming players of the future. The festivals are played indoors (5 a-side) at PitchSide in Cwmdu. This is an excellent way for young children to start playing football in a safe environment.
This season our school will be participating in the  Y5/6 Pre-season festival, Y5/6 festivals, Y5/6 trophey festival and the Y3/4 festival.
For more information about the Swansea Schools F.A. please visit www.swanseaschoolsfa.co.uk